Seizing junta camps likely to occur in Mon State, analysts say


Mawlamyine, 15 November

While ethnic armed organizations (EAOs) and resistance forces are attacking junta camps and towns across the country, similar incidents may occur in Mon State as well, military analysts told Than Lwin Times.

The military council has suffered its biggest blow in almost three years of military coup with Operation 1027 in northern Shan State, losing military bases and outposts in Karenni, Chin, Sagaing, Magwe, and Rakhine.

In response to this situation, a military analyst concluded that offensive operations could erupt across Mon State.

The military council has been resisting the revolutionary forces’ offensive from all sides, and the morale of the soldiers on the ground is deteriorating.

The occupation of the Chaunghnakhwa military base in Mon State on November 10 has posed a threat to army camps, police stations, outposts, departmental offices, and towns throughout Mon State.

On November 13, the allied forces of the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) occupied a police station in Chaunghnakhwa and a checkpoint at the Attran Bridge in Kyaikmaraw after a four-day offensive.

The NUG’s Ministry of Defense reported that 14 military personnel, including a battalion commander and 20 soldiers from Hpa-an’s Division 22, were under the Southeastern Regional Command.

The occupied Attaran bridge connects with Kyainseikkyi-Kyaikmaraw-Mudon.

A video file circulating on social media shows regime troops who surrendered on that bridge feeling fatigued.

According to Nai Nagar, a spokesperson for the Mon State Revolutionary Force (MSRF), “the revolutionary forces are occupying towns all over the country, and there will definitely be similar incidents in Mon State as well.”

Nai Nagar pointed out that resistance forces must carry out, step by step like the operations of the Three Brotherhood alliance in northern Shan State to capture the camps and towns under the Southeastern Command.

The Southeastern Command is based on Rakhine Hill in Mawlamyine and is responsible for defense, security, and operational matters for Mon and Karen states.

It takes only one-hour drive to get to the Southeastern Command from the occupied Chaunghnakhwa bridge via the Mudon-Mawlamyine road.

On the other hand, most military camps in Mon State are located on the east side of the Pyidaungsu Highway, and some townships in Karen and Mon are located along the mountains.

Military analysts point out that if the revolutionary forces open a front line in the Mudon-Maulmyein area in the south of Mon State, they will be able to root out the military council battalions only by conducting operations from Takhundaing-Abit to Thanbyuzayet and Ye at the same time.

After Operation 1027 of the Three Brotherhood Alliance, the military council is preparing for defense as well as tightened security in townships of resistance strongholds in the state and those that are likely to be attacked, said locals.

News-Than Lwin Times



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