Magway, 20 November

Military council troops have prepared defensive war in Magway region, bordering with Rakhine Yoma as the Arakan Army intensified offensive attack on junta’s outposts, said the locals and resistance forces.

Moreover, the military has increased security on the Ngfe-Ann road, linked with its headquartes in Ann Township.  Trenches have also been dug along the Pathein – Monywa road.

The military troops are doing this as they are afraid of going the frontline, although the situation in the area is stable.

“They sent notice letter to the police station. On 18 November, four or five of Pyusawhtees were digging trenches, and they take security there. These trenches are located on the exit routes. They immediately prepared it one day after the armed conflicts began in Rakhine state,” a local told Than Lwin Times.

 Pyusawhtees were given single-shot weapons in Minbu district, and they are wandering on the streets carrying these weapons.

As news spread that the people’s defense forces will attack police stations in Salin and Pwintbyu townships, the locals are not traveling at present.

Locals saw junta soldiers moving into the jungles near the Pathein-Monywa road in Thayet District, Magway region.

Regarding the military council’s preparations, a member of the defense told Than Lwin Times that there is no armed clashes in this area, but the junta troops are pretending to be busy as they are not willing to go to frontline.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo – Social Media

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