Tanintharyi, 28 November

After hearing the report of a possible raid by the revolutionary forces, the military council moved all the prisoners from the prison near Hton Khar village in Tanintharyi to a new location, according to the allied resistance forces.

On November 26, more than 30 junta troops, accompanied by security convoys, transferred the staff and prisoners of Hton Khar prison to Kyauk Phyu Taung prison in Myeik Township.

The Hton Khar prison is only three miles from Tanintharyi military base, and the military council was unable to provide security for that prison, so all prisoners may have been relocated, according to KTLA-TCJF information officer Ko Sai Nyi.

According to the reports, a military convoy providing security during the transfer of the prisoners was struck by a landmine planted by revolutionary forces between Yanpho and Kanto villages, causing casualties.

At the moment, the surrounding area of Hton Khar prison is controlled by the revolutionary forces, and some junta soldiers are reported to have remained stationed in the prison.

Therefore, fighting remains intense, and the fighting may erupt at any time, said the resistance fighters.

On October 5, three military personnel were killed while hiding in the Hton Khar prison and the Kanbawza oil palm farm.

The military council lost most of its territory during the coup in Tanintharyi Township, where martial law was declared, and prepared defenses amid reports of town raids.

News- Than Lwin Times

Photo-Social Media

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