Resistance forces welcomed back in Ye-U


Ye-U, November 29

Local resistance forces successfully attacked the military council and its Pyusawhtee members stationed at Aung Thar Yar village in Ye-U township, Sagaing region on November 24.

During the raid, 10 soldiers were killed, 15 were injured and seven were arrested alive, with confiscation of ammunition, money and two motorbikes, according to the news release of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

The attack was jointly carried out by the PLA and its allied forces the Burma National Revolutionary Army(BNRA), the 96 Soldiers PDF (Anaya Company), Sein Baydar KBU I(PDO), Thunder Storm LPDF, Wunnthapala LPDF, TCRF (PLA), Shwebo Duwun (PLA) and GZ LPDF.     


Photo– PLA


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