Konekyan, 10 November

The Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) took control of Konekyan town after two junta battalions under Laukkai Regional Command in northern Shan State surrendered during Operation 1027.

On November 12, soldiers and family members of the entire No. 129 Light Infantry Battalion under the Regional Command in Rankhon village, Shisham of Kokang Special Region 1 surrendered to the MNDAA.

Similarly, Kokang-based No. 125 Infantry Battalion defected to MNDAA on 28 November.

“We were able to occupy Konekyan. We have been able to control the entire Shin Wan area of Kokang District,” confirmed MNDAA spokesperson Lee Kyar Win.

Konekyan is a town on the China-Myanmar border in Laukkai District of the Kokang Autonomous Region, and the military council placed the town under martial law on November 13.

As of today, the MNDAA took control of Konekyan and Chin Shaw Haw in Kokan autonomous region during Operation 1027 of the Three Brotherhood Alliance, with only the two towns of Laukkai and Maw Htike left to be captured.

The MNDAA has warned the people in the town to evacuate because they will launch an attack to capture Laukkai, and more than 30,000 IDPs have been moved to safe places such as Lashio and Nam Tik via Laukkai-Chin Shwe Haw from November 26 to 28.

The MNDAA spokesperson, Li Kyar Win said, “There are civilians who continue to live in the country, and some are living in displaced camps at border checkpoints 1 and 5. They are facing difficulties with food, water and electricity.”

“The United Wa State Army (UWSA) is providing food and transportation assistance to those fleeing the conflict from Laukki,” said Lee Kyar Win.

He went on to say that the list of weapons and ammunition obtained, as well as the current battle situation and the number of people who surrendered, are still being verified and that more information will be released soon.

According to Kokang Media, which covers MNDAA military news, on November 27, MNDAA joint forces seized a military base and the Kyaukme checkpoint after capturing the Khu Tan pagoda high point between Kyaukme and Lashio.

Meanwhile, the MNDAA occupied a military base in Kokang’s Konekyan region called Shin Wan and six junta soldiers were killed and some were injured.

Since the launch of Operation 1027 by Three Brotherhood Alliance, hundreds of military bases and outposts, including six towns in northern Shan State, have been controlled by the revolutionary forces.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: The Kokang

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