Rector of Loikaw university and his staff prosecuted, and non-CDM employees deported


 Loikaw, 30 November

A rector and associate rector of the Loikaw University in Karenni State, and their families, total of 5 members have been prosecuted for collaborating with the military council, unlawful association, according to the Karenni State Interim Executive Council (IEC).

 After the prosecuting by Karenni police, they will be transferred to the relevant judicial department and will be punished according to the law.

 The IEC has formed a special investigation team and conducted inspections on the non CDM employees and their family members, who were evacuated from Loikaw University.

According to the findings of the special investigation team, the people cooperating with the illegal association and the military council have been prosecuted.

 According to the Karenni’s Military Act, three military family members who are directly related to the Military Council will continue to be investigated and will be transferred to a military court.

In addition, 193 non-CDM employees and family members, who are not related to the military council were forced to pledge not to participate in the junta’s mechanisms, not to contact schools/offices, and to stand with the people and deportation was completed on 28 November, according to the statement.

Since the revolution will be intensified, the IEC has warned the employees, soldiers and police forces under the Military Council in Karenni State to stand with the people and join the revolutionary forces as soon as possible.

News – Than Lwin Times

 Photo – IEC (evacuation of non-CDM employees)


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