Mawlamyine, 1 December

The rice prices gradually increased in Mon State even during rice season, with Paw Hsan Hmway costing more than 120,000 kyats per bag, rice traders told Than Lwin Times.

The price of Paw Hsan Hmway, which was only around 100,000 kyats per bag in the first week of November, jumped to more than 120,000 kyats in the last week of November.

Furthermore, the price of Paw Kywe rice has risen from 95,000 kyats to more than 100,000 kyats per bag, while the price of Emahta rice, a group of coarse rice that is usually reduced by half when a new rice season arrives, remains at more than 70,000 kyats per bag.

Rice traders claim that rice prices have risen this year due to a significant decrease in rice yield and the fact that most farmers are not selling rice and are instead watching the price.

In addition, further increases in harvesting costs this year, higher fuel and labor costs, and transportation difficulties due to the fighting are the main reasons for the increase in rice prices.

Prior to the arrival of the new rice season, the price of Paw Hsan Hmway paddy was only around 25–27 lakhs per 100 baskets, and it rose to 32 lakhs during the new rice season, while coarse rice costs between 18- 20 lakhs.

A housewife told Than Lwin Times that the price of rice has risen again along with the paddy price, making it difficult to even buy food, and she is facing famine.

Mon State has nearly 700,000 acres of rice and produces over 400,000 baskets of rice per year, with milled rice exported to some regions and states.

However, nearly three years after the military coup, rice prices are rising every day in the new rice season, and the market is seeing fewer trades.

On the other hand, in an attempt to control the rice market, the military council has announced that those hoarding more than 50 tons of rice and 5,000 baskets of paddy in one place in Myanmar need to register, and if they fail to do so, they will be taken action according to the law.

News – Than Lwin Times

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