How did AA respond to junta chief’s claim to solve country’s crisis through political means?


Mawlamyine, 8 December

The junta chief, who suffered losses due to the attacks of the revolutionary forces, on December 4,

urged the armed forces to resolve the issues through political means.

General Min Aung Hlaing said during the meeting that if the armed forces continue to be foolish, the people will suffer the negative consequences, so they need to solve it through political means.

The junta chief began talking about peace when the military council had lost at least 18 towns due to the attacks of revolutionary forces across the country along with Operation 1027 of the Three Brotherhood Alliances, including the Arakan Army (AA).

U Khaing Thukha, the spokesperson for the AA, said, “The military leader’s statement is a matter of wanting to find a political way out for the military council, which is facing a general crisis, and no one can accept the issue of discussing based on the 2008 constitution and the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA).”

In addition, he noted that after 1962, all the talks conducted under all the military dictators who seized power in Myanmar did not produce any results, and there had been no fruitful political talks.

The junta chief asserted that the peace talks are conducted under the Three Main National Causes and the 2008 Constitution.

“There will be no result from the peace talks,” said Khaing Thukha, “because the military council is neither a government elected by the entire people nor an organization representing the people. It’s merely a terrorist army.

On the other hand, the junta leader accused the Arakan Army (AA) of being responsible for the instability in Rakhine State, and U Khaing Thukha responded that such a statement was a shameless and dishonorable act.

The AA is fighting to eradicate the military regime along with twin allied ethnic armed organizations and has occupied the military bases one by one.

The AA seized Tron Ai strategic hill, which is militarily important for military council, in Chin State’s Paletwa Township.

News-Than Lwin Times

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