Mawlamyine, 14 December

Some highway express lines have halted operations because of the difficulty in obtaining fuel and the fuel shortages in Mon State in December, a source said.

The highway lines are having difficulty purchasing fuel, having to queue for a long time to buy fuel, and not having enough fuel to run their vehicles.

Most highway lines, which previously ran at least three times a day, have now been reduced to once, and some vehicles have stopped services amid fuel shortages.

U Aung Kyi Thein, junta-appointed Mon State Chief Minister, said during the meeting held on December 11 that he will help ensure there is no shortage of fuel.

However, the authorities have not been able to solve the problem of fuel shortage until now, and people must queue to buy fuel, and the price of fuel has risen dramatically.

A highway bus operator also told Than Lwin Times, “The bus lines are operating at a loss due to fuel shortages and high prices, but in the long run, the entire operation may come to a halt.”

During the open season, a large influx of passengers is expected, but there are few travelers due to the security situation, and the strict checks at the checkpoints will cause travel delays.

Despite the country’s dire fuel shortages caused by the easing of dollar restrictions, the military council asserted on December 12 that there was enough fuel.

There are more than 70 highway lines running from Mawlamyine to various regions and states in Mon State, and following the coup, the number of vehicles on the road was reduced, and some bus lines were completely shut down.

News-Than Lwin Times

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