Three Brotherhood Alliance vows to work together with entire Myanmar people until common goal is reached


Kokang, 14 December

The Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA), the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA), and the Arakan Army (AA), which launched Operation 1027, issued a statement at midnight on December 12 that they will work together with the entire Myanmar people to do what is right to achieve all the common goals.

The Three Brotherhood Alliance expressed that they are aware of the concerns of the Myanmar public as a whole over some recent reports and that they should not worry about the talks between the military council and the alliance.

The statement that Operation 1027 of the Three Brotherhood Alliance continued to move forward as planned while occupying junta bases and outposts that were causing trouble to the public.

According to the statement, while the goals of each group and the collective goals of all three groups have been met to some extent, they will have to fight for a period of time to achieve the overall goals.

At the same time, it has stated that they will never ignore the political aspirations of the entire Myanmar people, who have been affected by the oppression of the military council for generations, and we will never turn back.

In late October, the Three Brotherhood Alliance launched Operation 1027 in the northern Shan region, as well as a balanced offensive against the military council with the declaration of war.

The objective of Operation 1027 is to protect people’s lives and property, to defend themselves, to gain more control over their region, and to prevent junta airstrikes and artillery fire on their communities.

In addition, the alliance said that the desire of the entire Myanmar people is to eradicate the military dictatorship, eliminate the widespread online gambling fraud in the country, including the China-Myanmar border, and fight against the military council and their associates who operate online scams.

According to reports, the Three Brotherhood Alliance has attacked and captured at least six towns and nearly 300 military bases and outposts during Operation 1027 that began on October 27.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo – The Kokang


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