NUG’s deputy defense minister, allied forces in southern Ye discuss military operation as priority


Ye, 5 December

Nai Kaung Ywat, Deputy Minister of Defense of the National Unity Government (NUG) met with the allied forces in southern Ye to discuss issues on military operations, reported both sides.

On December 11, Nai Kaung Ywat met with the officials of the Southern Regional Command, Mon State Revolutionary Force (MSRF), Dawna Column, All Burma Students’ Democratic Front (ABSDF) Battalion – 1, Ye Guerrilla Force (YGF), Ye Defense Force (YDF), Mon State Revolutions Organization (MSRO) and Ye Air Force (YAF).

On December 14, the NUG announced that they discussed military operations, the formation of the People’s Defense Forces (PDFs), the People’s Revolutionary Support Force (PRF), and revolutionary comrades presented obstacles and needs.

The MSRF information official, Capt. Tala Nai told Than Lwin Times that the Deputy Defense Minister and the Revolutionary Armed Forces focused on the issues of operations and ammo shortages.

This is the first time that officials from the NUG’s Ministry of Defense have visited the Ground Revolutionary Armed Forces in the southern part of Ye Township in Mon State.

Captain Tala Nai pointed out that that was a situation that opens up opportunities and pave the ways to carry out more operations, and the support of comrades during the nearly three years of the coup has boosted morale.

On the other hand, the Executive Committee of the Mon State Federal Council met with 10 revolutionary organizations in southern Mon State and discussed issues unrelated to the military and military equipment on December 11.

The Mon Federal Council said on December 12 that the two sides openly discussed issues related to food, families of comrades, first aid training, health and humanitarian support for conflict-hit people.

The fierce battle for the capture of towns and camps in the north-eastern region of the country, namely Northern Shan State, the Upper Myanmar Sagaing Region and Chin, Karenni, Karen, Rakhine states and Bago Region.

According to military and political analysts, possible fighting may erupt between the revolutionary forces and the junta army in in Mon State in southern Myanmar.

On November 30, revolutionary alliance forces in southern Ye swore an oath to fight until the end to overthrow the military dictatorship and all tyrants.

News-Than Lwin Times



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