Mawlamyine, 24 December

The junta-appointed Mon State Chief Minister and the Commander of Southeastern Command have organized 18-day Patthana recitation ceremony to ensure the safety of the regime troops.

The Patthana recitation ceremony was initailly scheduled to take place in the Southeastern Command in Mawlamyine’s Rakhine Kon Ward, but the monks refused, so it was moved to Kyaikthalan Pagoda premises.

The Patthana recitation ceremony, will be held for 18 days, from December 18 to January 5 and Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, who is fond of the number 9, is following the astrologer’s advice, according to miliary sources.

According to sources, the Patthana recitation ceremony was held to ensure the safety of soldiers on the front lines due to the increasing casualties, surrender, and concerns about the possible intensification of fighting in Mon and Karen States.

Other pagodas are also planning to hold such Patthana recitation ceremonies, and the Mon State Chief Minister has urged departmental staff to recite the Patthana on their own conscience and pray for the soldiers.

The revolutionary joint forces carried out bomb attacks targeting the residences of the Commander of the Southeastern Command and ministerial residences in Mawlamyine at least twice this month.

After that incident, junta-appointed Mon State Chief Minister U Aung Kyi Thein, regional commander Brigadier General Soe Min, and ministers moved into the neighborhood of civilian communities.

Currently, fighting is taking place in Kawkayeik Township of Karen State and Kyaikmaraw Township of Mon State, where the Southeastern Command is handling matters related to defense, security, and military operations, with the military council suffering heavy casualties.

News-Than Lwin Times

Photo- MOI

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