Mawlamyine, 23 December

Military council, which is about to topple, is doing more to divide the people from the revolutionary forces,  Prime Minister of the National Unity Government, Mann Win Khaing Than said.

Speaking at the  Local Public Administration Development Central Committee meeting on 21 December, the prime minister said, “If we overview the revolution, the military council is getting closer and closer to fall down at all sides, so they are doing more to divide the unity between the revolutionary forces and the people. In this circumstance, we need to take counter actions against their propaganda and dividing policy.”

 In addition, the revolutionary forces are also urged to prepare various strategies as the military council is looking for their exit. 

 He also said that the military council has no management capacity because they relaxed the particularly strict policies regarding the exchange rate in order to remedy the shortage of foreign currency, in the past few days. So the revolutionary forces need to disseminate the activities continuously to engage with the international community.

 The meeting was chaired by the Chairman of the Local Public Administration Development Central Committee Mann Win Khaing Than, and it was attended by Union Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, and departmental officials.

 The members of the Local Public Administration Development Central Committee clarified the status of process completion before the decision adopted in 50/2023 and the remaining processes to continue, and the officials discussed.

 News – Than Lwi Times

 Photo – NUG

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