Military council launches ground invasion of Launglon’s villages


Launglon, 28 December

The military forces launched the invasion of villages after military outposts were attacked in Tanintharyi Region’s Launglon Township, said locals and resistance forces.

On 20 December, the resistance forces attacked and set fire to three junta locations in Launglon.

After the incident, the junta army invaded resistance strongholds in Thabyar, Satpye and Wadi villages, and set up ambush in some villages, according to locals.

The junta invasion forced residents of at least five villages to flee, and they are in desperate situation.

Tension remains intense between the two sides, and fighting may erupt, said an official from Launglon PDF.

The junta army has tightened security and built bunkers in the town, according to locals.

After junta outposts were attacked, the whole fire brigade department in Thabyar hamlet in Launglon relocated to Dawei on December 21.

Meanwhile, six junta soldiers were killed in the attack on military outposts in Launglon, and two PDF comrades lost their lives in Launglon.

News- Than Lwin Times

Photo-Social Media


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