Kyaikmaraw, 30 December

The fighting has escalated in the Chaunghnakhwa area of Mon State’s Kyaikmaraw Township, and both sides might suffer casualties, according to sources.

The conflict raged till the morning of December 28 and 29, when the junta army moved ahead to send reinforcements to the besieged Chaunghnakhwa police station.

During the battle of Chaunghnakhwa, the sound of gunfire could be heard throughout the day and shook the ground, but the fighting calmed down yesterday afternoon, local residents said.

At least 20 soldiers were reportedly killed, and the wounded were taken to the Mudon by two military ambulances and one six-wheel vehicle.

Military supporters circulate on Telegram that the military council has regained control of the Chaunghnakhwa police station, which has been under siege for 50 days, but no casualties have been reported.

The Than Lwin Times has contacted the joint forces, including the KNLA Brigade 6, about the situation in battle Chaunghknkhwa, but they have not responded so far.

Around 30-strong junta forces stormed the deserted Maetayo village, took valuables from houses and loaded them on six-wheel vehicle.

Nearly 40 regime troops including Lieutenant Colonel Myo Ko Ko Win were killed in one-month-long battle and 32 others surrendered to revolutionary forces.

More than 20,000 locals fled the conflict in the Chaunghnakhwa battle and took refuge in nearby jungles and safety places. They are in dire need of humanitarian assistance, said aid workers.

News-Than Lwin Times

Photo – SAC Telegram

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