Kawkayeik, 30 December

The KNLA Brigade 6 reported on December 28 that it will lead and oversee Lieutenant El Say Wah’s newly-joined Lion Battalion Commando column and it will be tasked with fighting for the overthrow of the military dictatorship in compliance with rules and regulations.

The Lion Battalion Commando led by Lieutenant El Sa Wah officially came under the command of the KNLA Brigade 6 on November 6, and in accordance with the rules and regulations of the KNLA Army, it is announced that they will fight together with the joint forces for the toppling of the dictatorship.

The Brigade 6’s strategic commander, Saw Ner Dah Htoo, stated in the statement that he will continue to guide and supervise the Lion Battalion Commando column according to the rules and regulations followed by KNLA troops.

Furthermore, Sawnal Dar Htoo urged other forces to join the KNLA in fighting for the establishment of a federal unity based on democracy in order to utterly topple chauvinism and tyranny.

The Lion Battalion Commando is an affiliated column of the Kawthoolei Army (KTLA), previously led by Saw Ner Dah Mya, and is fighting with allied joint forces in the missions in Karen and Mon states.

The KNU spokesperson, Pado Saw Tawnee, said, “We are happy to welcome the Lion Battalion Commando column led by Lieutenant El Say Wah to join the KNLA, and from now on, we need to work together more actively.”

In April of this year, the entire Venom column under Saw Ner Dah Mya’s KTLA joined the Cobra column of KNU Brigade 6, and the Venom column was transformed into Cobra column-2.

Saw Ner Dah Mya, a former chief of Genera Staff of the KNU-affiliated Karen National Defence Organisation (KNDO), was expelled from the KNU in 2022, and he founded the Kawthoolei Army (KTLA).

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo –  Lion Battalion

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