Namtu, December 29

After two months of ‘Operation 1027’ by the three brotherhood alliance group, the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) has captured Nam Hsan , Nam Hkam, Man Ton, Mong Long, and Namtu towns, according to the reports.

TNLA attacked Namtu for four days and it is the fifth town they captured in northern Shan state.

In the attack, the military council lost Light Infantry Battalion 324 strategic hill, Mong San camp, Pan Thabyae camp, Naung Sai security outpost, police station and administrative offices of the military council.

The report of TLNA also said that the military council carried out 61 aerial attacks, 218 bombardment and at least 93 artillery shelling during the four days of urban warfare in Namtu, killing two civilians and eight injured.

The military’s attack also destroyed a mosque, some religious buildings and seven houses.

TNLA also reported that they also captured arms and ammunitions, including a howitzer, in the battle.

News—Than Lwin Times

 Photo– TNLA

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