Civilian beheaded by junta in Launglon


Launglon, 31 December

The regime troops beheaded a civilian and arrested some people to use as human shields while storming Satpye village in Tanintharyi Region’s Launglon Township, said locals.

Around 60 junta troops entered the villages—Waidi, Kanyon Kyun, Satpye, Lay THoon Khan, Gawinn, Kahteinkyi, and Nar Khan Taw—in Launglon Township on 27 December.

The same military column set fire to 12 houses in Satpye and Lay Thoon Khan villages and then beheaded a local.

Ko To Noe, a 30-year-old TB patient, was beheaded by the junta while living in his home as he was unable to escape.

After the soldiers beheaded Ko To Noe, he was thrown under a bridge near the village, and his body was found by locals on the morning of December 30.

The soldiers arrested locals as human shields along the way and took valuables from unoccupied homes.

The junta invasion forced many locals from eight villages to flee, and some detainees were unable to contact their family members.

At least 150 civilians were killed due to arrests, shootings, and killings by regime troops during the coup in Tanintharyi, according to the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP).

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo-  CJ


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