March 27, 2024

The Junta escalated security measures in Mawlamyine Township, Mon State following two drone attacks occurring within a single day, locals said.

Resistance forces initiated their first strike on Mawlamyine Airport at noon on March 24, by deploying a drome armed with a bomb.The attack caused slight damage to a portion of the runway, however there were no reports of major damage or injuries, according to sources close to the Junta.

Later on the same day, resistance forces launched another strike, this time targeting the compound of the ethnic cultural center, which was occupied by Junta troops, in Minywa village, Mawlamyine, utilizing a small handmade drone aircraft.

Following these two incidents, the Junta bolstered security measures in Mawlamyine by increasing patrols, implementing strict inspections, and conducting overnight guest list checks, locals told Than Lwin Times.

According to locals, Junta troops have intensified security around several key locations including the Mon State Hall, the electricity distribution office in Mandalay ward, Kyaik Tha Lan Pagoda, Nyaung Pin Seik jetty, as well as the main entrances and exits in and out of the city.

Mawlamyine residents reported that security forces in civilian clothing have been stationed at crucial intersections, with covert sentinels deployed in certain areas as well.

Similar security measures were implemented by the Junta last year in response to drone attacks on the Southeast Military Command Headquarters and Ministerial Housing.

Sources close to the Junta also noted that security measures have been intensified in response to reports suggesting the potential for resistance forces to launch attacks on downtown Mawlamyine at any moment.

News-Than Lwin Times
Photo – CJ

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