Civilians captured and used as human shields as military regime marches towards Tagun Daing village


Win Ye, April (26)

According to locals, the military dictatorship marches towards Tagun Daing hamlet in Win Ye Township, Dooplaya District, kidnapping and using local civilians as human shields along the way.

On April 23, near the police station in Taguan Daing Village, Win Ye Township of KNU Brigade 6, the KNLA Brigade 6 battled with the regime troops.

The military council increased its military presence, and at least 20 residents were kidnapped along the woodland route leading to Khalea Tagun Daing village.

The detainees were residents of Tatung Kale, Kale Ywa Khale, Myo Haung and Kale Tagun Daing villages, and they were laborers from a rubber plantation at the foot of the mountains west of Win Raw.

On April 23, junta troops stationed at Tagun Daing police station fired heavy artillery shells at the Tagun Daing and Nan Thaing Tun villages, killing one civilian woman and critically injuring three others.

As the military council expands its armed force, thousands of villagers from Nan Thaing Tun, Daingluk and Kale Kwat Thit villages including Tagun Daing, are fleeing to safety.

According to humanitarian workers, military battles continue in the KNU-Dooplaya District Brigade 6 area, which has almost 30,000 refugees.

News- Than Lwin Times


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