Yangon, April (26)

The National Unity Government announced on April 24 that its Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration had founded the Public Administration Department to assist in the work of local councils.

The statement stated that in NUG-controlled areas, the military regime’s governing bodies would be replaced by NUG-controlled entities, and that administration, security, rule of law, and public services would be implemented.

Currently, local people’s administrations have already been formed in 36 townships, 29 out of 37 townships in Sagaing Region and 7 out of 25 townships in Magway Region, NUG’s Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration reported.

The newly formed Department of Public Administration was formed by NUG as the CDM Staff Management Committee of the General Administration Department.

To date, the number of staff who joined CDM contacted has reached 24 officers and 2,177 staff from the General Administration Department, for a total of 2,201.

CDM staff who do not wish to serve under the military council get together to coordinate personnel issues and the NUG’s Ministry of Home Activities and Immigration’s administrative affairs.

On April 24, the Myanmar CDM Firefighters’ Representation Committee was reorganized into the Fire Department.

News – Than Lwin Times

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