Yangon, April (28)

Those who are admitted to medical schools but do not serve as civil servants after graduation will be required to pay Ks 600,000 in compensation, according to the military council.

Students who will go to medical schools under the Department of Health Human Resources after passing the matriculation exam in 2020 will be required to sign a contract.

According to the agreement, a person must serve in the civil service for at least five years after graduating from medical school and for at least five years after achieving a master’s degree.

In addition, the statement said that if assigned to any township in the country, he or she will be there on time to fulfill their responsibilities.
If someone defies the rules or fails to perform their responsibilities, they must pay Ks 600,000 in compensation within 30 days of getting the notice or risk losing their general medical license.

“If you want to go to medical school and become a doctor, you must first work as a public servant for five years.So, if you want to go to school, you should do so only after deciding to work for the regime for five years,” a doctor remarked on the condition of anonymity.

Prior to the coup, medical graduates were not required to serve in the civil service, but they had to compensate only 10 lakh kyats for failing to perform their duties, and their general medical licenses were not revoked.

The Medical Students’ Union said in the third week of April that it does not recognize all students who support the military council’s education system and urged them to reject it.

News – Than Lwin Times

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