Ye, August (11)

The Mon State military council requested a representative from the Mon Unity Party (MUP) to serve on Ye District Council, but there was no one willing to serve due to security reasons, the MUP told Than Lwin Times.

The military council has re-organized Mon State’s Ye and Kyaikto townships into districts in order to hold a general election under the proportional representation (PR) system in 2023.

The military council asked the Mon Unity Party to name a member to their expanded Ye District Council, so the Mon Unity Party held a meeting to select a representative in the first week of last August.

However, the MUP’s spokesperson Nai Than Shwe said that there is no one willing to serve in the Ye District Council due to security concerns, and informed the military council that any other person can be appointed.

After the military coup, security has been tightened in Mon State’s Ye Township as revolutionary forces have frequently attacked the regime police station and other departments.

On August 3, three people, including the deputy officer of the Immigration Department, were killed and one was seriously injured when the Ye Balu resistance group attacked the immigration office in Ye Township.

The Mon Unity Party is a state-based ethnic political party representing the Mon people, and joined the military council after the military coup.

The party representatives, Dr. Banya Aung Moe and Nai La Yi Tama now serve as members of the military council at the union level and the state level, respectively.

News- Than Lwin Times

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