Mawlamyine, August (13)

Residents in Mon State told Than Lwin Times that due to a fuel shortage, they are unable to purchase as much fuel as they require.

On August 5, the price of gasoline was 1,700 kyats per liter, but by August 12, it had increased to nearly 2,300 kyats per liter, and then there was a lack of fuel on the market.

The military council controls the oil market and does not sell as much as the buyers want, so some stations run out of fuel and sell under a quota system.

One customer said that people are having a hard time and are queuing up to buy gasoline at the stations. In addition, at some gas stations, buyers have to wait in line for hours. They don’t get the type of fuel they want, and they only buy what the stations have.

A taxi driver complained that ” I had to find a gas station to fill up the car by morning and queue in line, so I didn’t have much time left to find passengers. I used to earn about Ks 20,000 a day usually, but now I’m struggling to even get Ks 10,000. I can’t continue to work because there is no gas, so I have to stay at home.

The price of gasoline has continued to rise this week, and there are frequent fuel shortages in gas stations, and tourism businesses, tricycle and motorcycle taxi drivers, and local people have difficulties in traveling.

In addition, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that depend mainly on fuel due to power outages have stopped and reduced their operations, according to SME entrepreneurs.

The price of gasoline rose to 2,300 Kyats per liter after the military coup, from 600 Kyats per liter before it, with frequent shortages.

News – Than Lwin Times

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