Myawaddy, September (1)

The military council have been trying to occupy the Myawaddy-Walley road in KNU Brigade 6 of Dooplaya District over two months.

Since July 7, the coup council has been on the offensive to size the Myawaddy-Walley road using excessive ground and aerial forces.

The military council is using a total of 18 battalions, including 17 battalions under the 11th division, 22nd division, and 44th division, and 1 battalion of the Border Guard BGF, and there are still other unidentified battalions, the KNU said.

In the battle that took place on August 23, the military council army dropped cluster bombs and 500-pound bombs from the air, while they staged a war on the ground with the help of combat units and artillery units using multiple launch rocket systems.

Although the military council launched a desperate offensive, they could only capture a front-line outpost of the KNLA near Kyaw Wah Bo Pagoda on the Myawaddy-Walley road, an information officer from Cobra Column told Than Lwin Times.

More than 40 junta soldiers, including a deputy battalion commander and at least eight officers, have been killed in the Myawaddy-Walley road battle that has been going on for almost two months, while 80 others were injured.

The Myawadd-Walley road battle, which has been dragging on for almost two months, has took the lives of around 40 junta soldiers, including a deputy battalion commander and at least 8 officers, and injured 80 others.

The three comrades from the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) lost their lives and three others were injured.

KNU spokesperson Pado Saw Taw Ni responded that there was no other option but to resist the military council’s offensive, which used excessive force by air and army forces in the territory of the KNU’s 6 Brigade.

The KNU said that the junta’s indiscriminate shootings and airstrikes in the Brigade 6 area resulted in the death of one civilian and the forced departure of over 90,000 others to shelters.

News – Than Lwin Times

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