Ye, September (18)

The Military Council has been regularly conducting reconnaissance using military aircraft to detect locations where PDFs may be after its forces were repeatedly attacked, including the military council’s departmental offices in Mon State’s Ye Township, the officials from People’s Defense Forces told Than Lwin Times.

The junta’s reconnaissance aircraft have been operating day and night surveillance of suspected PDF camps since September 15.

Therefore, a Ye People’s Defense Force (YPDF-North) official told Than Lwin Times that preparations have been made.

It is reported that the Military Council is carrying out aerial reconnaissance to find out the geographical situation in preparation for the attack, and it is likely that bombings will be carried out.

The military council forces conduct reconnaissance with planes in areas where it is difficult to travel on foot and have not yet attacked any potential PDF strongholds.

Following the military takeover, PDF forces have been regularly attacking military convoys, checkpoints, junta departments, and military informants in Ye Township.

News-Than Lwin Times

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