Launglon, October (12)

The 120-strong military force was stationed in four villages in the Tanintaharyi region’s Launglon Township: Kyauknimaw, Gawinn, Pannalei, and Gadakgyi, locals told Than Lwin Times, 

On the evening of October 10, military council troops entered the villages by land and waterways and were stationed at schools and Pyu Saw Htee camps.

Military troops were deployed at schools in those villages: 40 in Gawinn village, over 30 troops in Gadakgyi; about 20 troops l in Pannelei village; and 20 others at Pyu Saw Htee camp.

Locals are reportedly avoiding those areas because they are worried about the military council personnel stationed in the villages.

Locals suspect that the military council forces’ presence in the villages may be connected to either the arrival of a senior military council official or a team of Chinese experts who came to Kadakgyi to undertake mechanical checks of the radar station there.

More than 50 military council personnel provided security when Chinese experts visited the radar station to maintain equipment in Kadekgyi village about two weeks ago.

According to the locals, after more than 200 military council forces stormed the villages two months ago, they arrested, shot, and killed the residents and set fire to their homes.

News – Than Lwin Times

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