Yangon Region’s military council directs to clean yards, paint homes


Yangon, October (12)

Yangon residents criticized the military council’s directive to paint residential buildings in Yangon and clean up the environment, saying it caused more hardship to the people who were already facing difficulties.

In accordance with the provisions of the Law of the Yangon City Development Committee (2018), residents are asked to paint the walls of their fences and buildings on the streets and facades, and clean up the weeds in their yard, according to the statement of the Yangon City Development Committee.

Locals criticized the municipality’s announcement, saying that it was aimed at favoring the military council rather than the citizens of Yangon, and that it turned a blind eye to the situation of the people when the per capita income of the people is lower than the standard of ASEAN countries.

Referring to the legislation, the military council threatened that if the Yangon City Development Committee failed to follow the instructions, the Municipal Development Committee would carry out the cleaning and demand the cost from the current residents.

The military council said that the directive has been notified to the relevant township and district municipal administrators.

Myanmar’s economy is deteriorating and the unemployment rate is rising more than 19 months after the military council took power.

While most businesses have closed and per capita income is low, residents have expressed concern that this directive is abusing the authority bestowed upon them by the people and that the City Development Committee is acting in line with the wishes of the Military Council.

News – Than Lwin Times


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