Loikaw, October (15)

Ko Maung Nge, a political prisoner detained in Loikaw Prison in Kayah State, died on October 13 because he was not allowed to receive medical treatment, a source close to his family told Than Lwin Times.

A man named Ko Maung Nge aged 21 was already suffering from tuberculosis and died as a result of not receiving medical attention after being arrested by the military council.

According to reports, the military council refused to return the body of the late political prisoner Ko Maung Nge to his family.

Ko Maung Nge was arrested by the Military Council for allegedly having PDF images on his phone when he was inspected at a checkpoint in Loikaw in 2021.

He died in Loikaw Prison after being sentenced to five years in prison under Section 52 of the Anti-Terrorism Act.

Following the military coup in Myanmar, 140 people have been arrested and sentenced for various political punishments in Karenni State, while 107 people are still facing trial and seven others died in the junta’s custody, according to the Progressive Karenni People’s Force.

News – Than Lwin Times

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