Myawaddy, October (27)

On October 26, the leader of Kawthoolei Army Saw Nerdah Mya signed a statement warning passengers on the Myawaddy-Kawkareik Asian Highway to be careful as fighting is taking place in Kawkareik Town.

The notice alerted travelers on the Asian highway to take caution since the conflict between the forces of the Military Council and the Kawthoolei Army in the area of Kawthoolei in Karen State was tense and would intensify.

In addition, the Kawthoolei Army (KTLA) has requested the public not to travel on Asian road without the permission of the KTLA.

The regime forces and allied resistance forces continued to engage in shooting on the Mywaddy-Kawkareik Asian road the day before yesterday, and the two vehicles were set on fire yesterday.

Asian road was closed for a number of days recently as a result of fighting that occurred close to Tawnaw Waterfall. Now that the road is open again, travelers are taking extra caution.

News – Than Lwin Times

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