Thanbyuzayat, October (27)

The military convoys were attacked twice on October 25 near Thanbyuzayat and Theinzayat Townships in Mon State, local residents told Than Lwin Times.

The Taungnyo guerrilla resistance force of the Mon State ambushed a military council convoy of 19 vehicles heading to Ye from Thanbyuzayat between Wekhami and Ywatharaye village, around 10 am on Octber 25.

The Taungnyo Guerrilla Group of Mon State stated that they are still looking into the details of the attack’s death toll.

Near the statue of Gen. Aung San, the Karen National Liberation Army (KLNA) joint troops attacked a military convoy of three vehicles at around 3 o’clock on October 25 with mines.

At least three regime members were killed, and after being struck by a mine, junta troops opened fire on the surrounding area.

The military council’s gates, checkpoints, and convoys are being assaulted in Mon State, and many were killed in these attacks.

News – Than Lwin Times

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