Mawlamyine, October (2)

In Mon state, the price of a hundred baskets of rainfed rice is roughly 1,000,000 kyats, but due to the increase in general expenses caused by the coup, farmers are unable to earn a profit.

When rainfed rice is harvested in Mon state, the price of a hundred baskets of coarse rice is around 1,000,000 kyats, while the price of a hundred baskets of Pawhsan, which belongs to the quality rice group, is around 1,200,000 kyats.

However, compared to the price of rice in September, the price of rice has dropped by 300,000 to 600,000 kyats per hundred baskets.

A rice farmer said that the current price of rice does not cover the cost of inputs, including fertilizer and fuel used during rice cultivation, so it is not profitable.

At present, farmers are worried that the price of rice will not be as good as expected during the abundant rice season and that the price of rice will drop again.

This year as well, some rice farmers are facing losses because the entire field was damaged by pests.

During last year’s rainy season, rice farmers had low yields due to natural disasters and insects, and the increase in input costs due to the military coup led to losses.

In Mon State, there are nearly 700,000 acres of rainfed rice cultivation, and more than 400,000 rice baskets are produced every year, and they are exported to some regions and states.

News – Than Lwin Times

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