Mawlamyine, November (2)

On October 31, the military council started spreading propaganda that the shooting at the bus station at the foot of Kyaikthio Pagoda in Kyaikto Township, Mon State, involving Chief Minister Dr. Aye Zan of Mon State and several of the Karen National Union KNU’s 1st Brigade who had already passed away.

The military council described the criminals in the hierarchical model that the deceased KNU Brigade 1’s Commander, Brigadier General Saw Palae and NLD Belin MP U Kyaw Myo Min were also involved in the conspiracy of the attack on the checkpoint at the foot of Kyaikhtiyo that happened on October 12.

KNU Brigade 1’s Commander, Brigadier General Saw Palei died of hypertension in August last year, and NLD Beilin MP U Kyaw Myo Min also died on June 22 as a result of being killed by military council troops.

The military regime said that Dr. Aye Zan, the Chief Minister of Mon State, who had been arrested and imprisoned since the military coup, was also involved in the shooting incident at Kyaiktiyo.

In addition, NLD Beilin MP Daw Thiri Yadanar; former NLD MP, U Aung Kyaw Thu; and Mon State NLD Party Chairman Dr. Khin Saung, who are fleeing because of the military council’s arrest warrant, were also described as accomplices in the police’s hierarchical model.

Ko Aye Min Tun, the PDF official of Thaton District, said that listing the names of those who have already died in the process is a form of propaganda to make people think that the NLD, KNU/KNLA and PDF are killing people together.

Since seizing power, the military council has widely used state-owned broadcasters, social media, and newspapers as propaganda platforms.

According to a veteran journalist, the military council’s propaganda of adding the deceased and those who are not directly connected to the attack shows the incompetence of the military leadership.

The Karen National Union (KNU) announced on October 14 that the deaths of the pilgrims during the shooting at the foot of the Kyaiktiyo Pagoda were due to the military council’s indiscriminate shooting.

During the assault, the military council used heavy weapons and small arms to start shooting, killing three female pilgrims and injuring 13 others, according to KNU.

The Military Council claimed that the attack was the result of indiscriminate firing by PDFs affiliated with KNLA Brigade 1, NUG, and CRPH, which killed three pilgrims and injured 19 others.

News – Than Lwin Times

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