Loikaw, December (6)

The Karenni Nationalties Defense Force (KNDF) has warned the public to be vigilant as fighting between the two sides in Kayah State is expected to escalate.

There has been confrontation between the two forces, and the KNDF warns the residents not to return home and pass through the areas as the junta army launched an offensive against Thay Suu Lae and Dawkamee villages on the eastern side of Konethar village in Demoso.

The KNDF Secretary 3 warned the public to be careful when traveling as the military council has been conducting offensives during the open season, and the fighting may intensify.

The military council army has been advancing with all of its strength toward Dawkamee village in the Demoso township since the morning of December 3, and there have been clashes with the combined force of PDFs.

More than 20 military personnel were reportedly killed, and the KNDF captured a sergeant, a corporal, and a private alive, confiscating weapons.

The hard-hit junta army reinforced its ground forces with aerial bombardments carried out by fighter jets.

More than 200,000 local residents have been living in IDP camps in Kayah State since the military coup, due to fighting between the Military Council and the People’s Defense Forces, and have not been able to return to their homes until now.

News-Than Lwin Times

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