Thayatchaung, December (18)

A comrade of Daung Min Operation PDF, based in Thayatchaung in Tanintharyi Region, was killed in a mine accident, its members told Than Lwin Times.

On December 15, Lay Phyu, also known as White Turtle, a 19-year-old PDF comrade, was killed in an accident while carrying out a secret mine operation in Thayatchaung Township.

According to the information officer of the Daung Min Operation, Comrade Lay Phyu (White Turtle), lost his life when a mine exploded while he was waiting for the military column to attack.

According to reports, the funeral for fallen PDF comrade Lay Phyu was held on December 16 in the forest of Thayatchaung Township.

After the military coup, a total of four soldiers were killed in battles and mine accidents in the Daung Min Operation, which was resisting the military dictatorship.

There are frequent clashes between the regime forces and the People’s Defense Force on the Thayatchaung-Palaw Union Road in Thayatchaung Township. News-Than Lwin Times

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