Fighting intensifies in Kawkayeik


Kawkayeik, December (20)

There has been ongoing intense fighting in recent days between the junta army and the combined forces of the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) in Kawkayeik of KNU-held territory, Brigade 6, with the regime forces using airstrikes and heavy weapons, the residents told Than Lwin Times.

The KNLA joint forces launched an offensive against the regime base, Infantry Battalion 231, stationed at Hlaingwa in Kawkayeik, in December, sparking a clash and killing seven junta soldiers, including officers, and injuring nine others, according to White Tiger Column, the KNLA’s armed wing.

After that, on December 19, the battle between the two sides resumed on the side of Kawnwe village, close to Asian Highway Road in Kawkayeik, as the military council strengthened its soldiers.

The battle caused the military council to block the passage of the Tadarkyo gate into Kawkayeik, and residents were forced to hide in their homes.

Although Than Lwin Times has been trying to reach the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) joint forces for comments regarding the situation of the fighting, but there has been no response.

During the fighting in Kawkayeik Township, the junta army fired heavy weapons and bombarded the villages, and the extent of the damage to the homes of the residents is still being investigated.

News-Than Lwin Times


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