Thayatchaung, December (24)

The residents face difficulties getting to work because junta forces are conducting military operations in Thayatchaug’s Pedak, Taungpyauk, Ottu villages in Tanintharyi Region, the locals told Than Lwin Times.

Since the third week of December 3, a 200-strong military column has been conducting operations in Thayatchaung under the guise of clearing the area.

Twelve residents and farm laborers were recently detained by the advancing regime soldiers and freed a day later.

Locals were detained and questioned by the military council army, and as a result, they dared not go to field work, and they stopped doing business.

Locals claimed that because of the regime’s incursion, the villages in Thayatchaungg township, which rely primarily on the growing of rubber and betel nuts, are suffering losses.

The junta armed forces clashed with the People’s Defense Forces in Padaukgyi, Padauknge, and Pechaung villages since December 18, with some casualties on both sides.

News-Than Lwin Times

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