Tanintharyi, December (25)

The number of civilian casualties in Tanintharyi Region has steadily increased between the start of the military coup and December of this year, with at least 20 civilians killed in less than a week, according to the data revealed by Than Lwin Times.

Nine civilians were killed, at least 11 were injured, and more than 20 individuals were detained in the conflict-hit townships of Launglon, Palaw, Dawei, and Tanintharyi from December 17 to December 23.

Civilians were killed by junta artillery fire during the clash and intrusion, and some were shot for security reasons, while others were killed by revolutionary forces.

The majority of those were killed by the army’s heavy and small arms, as well as indiscriminate firing, according to the Information officials of the Dawei District Democracy Movement Strike Committee.

Southern Monitor, a research group, reported on December 8 that 317 civilians were killed in Tanintharyi during the 22 months since the military coup.

According to the Southern Monitor, among the civilian casualties, 78 percent were men, 15 percent were women, and the remaining 7 percent were killed so horribly that gender could not be identified.

There have been 2,640 civilian deaths since the military coup as a result of shootings and killings by junta troops across the country, according to the figure released by the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP).

News-Than Lwin Times

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