Dawei, January (14)

There were casualties on both sides in the fighting that broke out in Tanintharyi Region’s eastern Dawei and the military council suffered heavy losses, said the Information Officer of the Cuckoo Column (Dawei) to Than Lwin Times.

On the 5th and 7th of January, the Cuckoo Column used 40mm and 60mm mortar rounds to attack the 100-strong column coming from the Dawei side and the army hiding near the Pakhat bridge.

At least 20 troops on the junta side have been killed in three skirmishes between the two factions, while the Cuckoo Column’s  commander lost his life and three others were injured.

Following that, tensions between the two opposing sides rose, and the fighting is expected to worsen as the junta army set up more ambushes, according to a Cuckoo Column’s information official.

Therefore, the revolutionary forces have warned the people not to take shelter in monasteries, churches, and schools, so as to avoid being used as human shields by the military council if fighting occurs again.

Following the military coup, there has been ongoing fighting in eastern Dawei between the two sides, frequently blocking the Dawei-Htee road and restricting travel.

News-Than Lwin Times

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