Nyaunglaybin, January, (21)

There were 55 clashes between junta forces and the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) / Karen National Defence Organization (KNDO) in KNU Brigade 3, Nyaunlaybin District from January 1 to 15, the Karen National Union (KNU) reported.

The battles broke out on a daily basis between regime forces and resistance forces – KNLA, KNDO and Federal Wings Drone that carried out 14 drone attacks.

The battles killed 47 regime troops, including one deputy battalion commander, injured 19 others, and there are still unconfirmed casualties, according to the statement.

Two KNLA and KNDO comrades lost their lives for the country, while two others were injured.

Meanwhile, the explosion occurred in Nyaunglaybin’s Kyaukgyi and Mone townships as a result of regime troops deliberately firing heavy weapons into villages where the local people live.

According to the statement, a woman was injured in an attack, and about 5,000 people were fleeing the conflict.

News-Than Lwin Times

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