Thanbyuzayat, January (21)

After the camp was attacked on January 19, the military council’s police forces left Htin Shuu village in Mon State’s Thanbyuzayat, the locals confirmed to Than Lwin Times.

On January 18, around 6:30 a.m., a combined force of the Ye Guerrilla Forces (YGF) and the PDF attacked the Htinn Shuu police station, which houses nearly ten policemen.

After the attack, police from the Htin Shuu police station left their outpost and joined the Thanbyuzayat police station.

According to local residents, there weren’t any policemen at the Htin Shuu police station, but junta troops were conducting military operations around the village.

Lieutenant Yan Naing, the leader of the Guerilla Force, reported that three policemen were killed and five others were wounded in the attack on the police station. He also added that although they meant to take the camp, they were forced to retreat due to certain circumstances.

This was the first desertion of the military council after the military coup in Mon State.

News-Than Lwin Times

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