Kyondoe, January (24)

One woman was killed and the others two were injured after being hit by junta shelling in KNU Brigade 6, Kyondoe Township, the local sources told Than Lwin Times.

The regime fired a shell into Myaynigone village in Kyondoe Township, KNU-Dooplaya District, killing a woman on January 20.

Meanwhile, on the evening of January 21, the junta’s indiscriminate firing destroyed two houses in Naugntalar village in Kyondoe Township, and an elder person and a child suffered injuries.

As junta forces from the battalion in Kyondoe shelled the villages in Kyondoe along with the military operations in recent days, the locals were fleeing to safety places, and the regime asked the villagers from Migani, Kamni, and Kawtkyike to move the village, according to a local.

Over the weekend, the resistance force raided the Kawbein police station in Kyondoe and set it on fire, causing skirmishes between the two sides.

 After that, some local people fled the villages because they were afraid that a battle would break out between the two sides as military forces invaded their areas.

News-Than Lwin Times

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