Mawlamyine, January (26)

The military council’s intention to probe and prosecute staff who joined Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) across the country in less than a month is a blatant violation of human rights, the CDMers said.

The military council has established CDM investigation teams composed of military commanders and departmental staff to take action against CDM staff from various regions and states.

The military council instructed the CDM investigation teams to check whether CDM staff are employed in private hospitals and schools, and to take action against them by sealing off the facilities if CDMs are found to be employed, and to report the cases within a month.

According to a CDM staff member, the military council’s move to take action against employees involved in the nonviolent Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) is a violation of human rights and a vulgar act, adding, “The military council is still harassing the CDM staff and preventing them from working elsewhere. Those are human rights violations.”

In addition, it is considered that the military council cannot fully operate the departmental mechanism with the current non-CDM personnel, and it is possible to make those involved in CDM regret it.

A CDM staff also said that the military council is preventing CDMers from pursuing other careers, so they will fight until the end to root out the military regime.

In addition, the leaked secret directive includes monitoring blacklisted CDM staff to prevent them from leaving the country and making a weekly list of CDM staff who have been barred from going abroad.

On the other hand, the military council has been threatening CDM employees with various means of forcefully removing them from the staff housing, oppressing them, unjustly arresting them, and taking action under various sections.

Across the country, there are hundreds of thousands of civil servants participating in the CDM against the military coup.

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