Kyondoe, January (28)

The junta army, which suffered heavy casualties in the fighting that broke out in the villages in the west bank area near Kyondoe, Karen State’s Kawkayeik, advanced to Kaw Wah Le village, east of Kyondoe, on January 27, the locals told Than Lwin Times.

Heavy fighting has been raging for a week between the allied resistance forces and military council which entering the villages – Kanni, Nyaung Yeik Thar, Thayattaw, and Kawkyaik near Kyondoe from January 20 to 26.

The military regime suffered a major defeat and withdrew, leaving 100 people dead or injured, the strategic column Lion Battalion Commando reported on January 26.

However, the hard-hit junta army had invaded Kaw Wah Le villae near Kyondoe yesterday afternoon (January 27), said the locals.

Although the fierce fighting has subsided in Nyaung Yeik Thar, Thayattaw, and Kanni Sanpya villages on the west bank of Kyung Do, the resistance groups have warned the villagers to return to the village after monitoring the situation.

The military council army utilized heavy weapons and airstrikes in addition to ground attacks during the one-week long battle against Kondo, which forced more than 10,000 locals to escape and caused many of their homes to catch fire.

News-Than Lwin Times

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