Sittway, 27 January

The junta regime is giving military trainings to the wives of police in the townships of Rakhine State.

The first training for them was in 2022, and both of these trainings cannot be regarded as the quality courses, according to the locals.

“It is a custom of Myanmar military. They have no man power compared to the past. Therefore, they are forcing the women to get military training to safeguard their stations. Trainees are the wives of soldiers and police members as no civilians join their security forces. The training courses were done with lowest budget in following orders and instructions . Quality is not needed in their view, “ said Pyithu Hluttaw MP U Aung Thaung Shwe in Butheedaung Township to Than Lwin Times.

The basic trainings were conducted at the respective station from 9 to 20 January, and shooting training was done in Butheedaung  Township. Refresher course for parade training and the use of small weapons was included in the training program.

A local in Minbya Township said, “Families of senior staff officers have moved from the stations. Only the families of junior members remain there. The cost of systematic training   is   high.  The military could not arrange the trainings systematically. No one can learn shooting by using a single bullet. So, it will not be a quality training.”

After the bilateral ceasefire between Arakan Army and the junta regime since 26 November 2022, the latter resumed the training courses which were suspended in 2021 and 2022 due to intensifying clashes  between the two groups.

 News- Than Lwin Times

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