Lamaing, Febaruary (1)

A local man stepped on a landmine and sustained injuries to his leg near the Kyotadar creek bridge in Baekalwe village of Lamaing in Mon State’s Ye Township around 10 am on January 30, the locals told Than Lwin Times.

Nai Ko Mai, aged around 70, stepped on a landmine while going to repair a water pipe near his farm.

It is reported that Nai Ko Mai suffered a severe injury to his left leg in a landmine explosion and was transported by social rescue teams from Lamaing Hospital to a 300-bed hospital in Mawlamyine.

There is an outpost of the military council near the Kyotadar creek bridge, not far from the site of the explosion, and the revolutionary forces often attack that outpost.

Local defense forces said the regime troops had planted landmines around their outpost and neighboring areas due to frequent attacks by the revolutionary forces.

After the military coup, two local men, including Nai Ko Mai, were injured when they stepped on a landmine near the Kyotadar creek bridge in Lamaing.

News-Than Lwin Times

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