Junta-backed militias shot at father, son on a motorbike in Thanintharyi’s village


Yebyu, 1 February

Pro-military militias, Pyusawhti, shot at a father and his son who are riding a motorbike at Minthar village in Kanpauk area of Yebyu Townhsip, Thanintharyi Region.

Gunshot wounded the son on 29 January morning as they were going to Minthar village, said the locals to Than Lwin Times.

U Min Latt and his son are from Singu village and they are the garden workers.

“They go to the church in Minthar village every Sunday. They were shot as they refused to stop when Pyusawhti members asked to do so,” said a local to Than Lwin Times.

The son on the back of motorcycle was seriously wounded at his neck and head, but his driving father was safe. The former was taken to Dawei hospital for emergency treatment.

Motorbike riding has been prohibited in this area after 3 persons, including a military-appointed administrator of Kan Pauk village, were shot dead on 25 January.

The junta forces arrested 12 locals suspected in this killing. They were being interrogated at the Mawrawadi Naval Base.

Due to prohibition of motorcycle riding after this killing, locals have to use bicycle, tricycle and Locals have many difficulties as the military banned after this.

As a substitution, people have to use bicycle, tricycle and two-wheeled tractor ‘Trawlargy’.

News- Than Lwin Times


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