Kawthoolei, Frbruary (7)

Over 5,000 villagers from six villages were fleeing as regime forces carried out operations after entering Karen State’s Mone Township, Kawthoolei area, the KNU reported.

About 60-strong junta troops from Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) 351 and Infantry Battalion (IB) 60 invaded Myin Thar Yar village in Mone Township held by KNU Brigade 3, Nyaunglaybin District on February 4, and stationed at Wegyi village.

A total of 2,431 residents of Myin Thar Yar, Wegyi and Nyaung Pin Seik villages fled their homes as regime forces clashed with the combined force of KNLA Brigade 3 and fired about 15 artillery shells into the villages, the statement said.

Two people, including a child, sustained injuries in junta attack in Zeegon village and regime forces also looted five motorcycles and rice bags, the KNU reported.

More than 1900 inhabitants were forced to flee Lapat and Mayanseinlay villages after the motor round shot by the regime’s IB 60 exploded in Mayanseinlay village, injuring three people, including two children, around 8 am on January 31.

After the attack, the military council set fire to three houses and eight tents around 2 pm, the KNU reported.

Over 5,600 residents from the villages – Myin Thar Yar, Wegyi, Nyaung Pin Seik, Bamar Myat Ye, Lapat and Mayanseinlay – fled their homes in Mone Township under KNU-controlled Nyaunlaybin District due to human rights violations of the military council, the KNU reported.

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