Loikaw, 8 February

More than 2,000 locals fled from two villages as a military column headed from Loikaw to Moebye township.

People from Warikawkhu and Pekinkawkhu villages left their homes on 5 February due to the prior information about the military column, said Ko Phyo, a spokesperson of Karenni Nationalities Defence Force, to Than Lwin Times.

These people had to escape from the armed clashes in the past.

Fighting intensified as the KNDF and local People Defense Force in Pekon Township intercepted the military troops to Moebye.

“Three battalions of KNDF and Pekon’s PDF attacked military forces which were heading from Loikaw to Moebye. The clashes occurred from 10:30 pm to 2 am next morning,” the spokesperson said.

Artillery attacks from Loikaw and Moebye hit the residential houses in Warikhawkhu, causing major damages.

Around 20 houses and religious buildings in Warikhawkhu village were destroyed by heavy weapon attacks of military on 4 February evening.

 The KNDF has warned the locals about possible escalation of armed clashes in heir areas.

 Kayah State has nearly 300,000 population, but over 200,000 of these IDPs have fled into the forests to escape from the airstrikes and heavy weapon attacks. Emergency assistance items are required for these victims of armed conflict.

 News-Than Lwin Times

Photo: CJ

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