Mawlamyine, 8 February

Police living quarters in Mawlamyine city of Mon State came under the mine attack of the joint forces of Dawna Dragon Force, Zar Ma Ni Guerilla and Coastal People Defense Force.

The attack took place around 8 pm on 5 February in the compound of police station next to No (8) High School in Phet Tan Ward.

“The tremendous explosion was so loud that the earth’ surface even vibrated. There was no electricity at that time,” said a person near the police living quarters to Than Lwin Times.

After the incident, junta forces arrived there, and checked the passers-by.

No casualty or no damages at the building in the incident, said a source close to the local police.

Explosions frequently took place in Mawlamyine, and the junta has increased security measures until now.

Photo: CJ

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